GBP/USD Daily Analysis,February 28-2019.

GBP/USD exchanges a shade lower than 1.3310 in front of European session on Thursday. The pair flooded to the seven months high close 1.3340 amid late-Wednesday as the UK legislators supported the PM Theresa May’s past movement to put postponement of Article 50 for casting a ballot in the parliament. Be that as it may, the Cable couldn’t hold those additions for long as early-day moves were strong to the USD.

The GBP/USD pair flooded to the seven-month high after the British individuals from parliament (MPs) overwhelmingly supported the proposition to put the Article 50 delay on the vote, otherwise called Cooper’s Brexit alteration F.

In spite of the fact that the Cable neglected to hold the 1.3340 figure for long and snuck by 1.3310 as early-day information from Japan, New Zealand, AU and China turned out poorly and pushed financial specialists toward the greenback.

GBP/USD Daily Analysis,February 28-2019.

PENDING ORDER BUY  GBP/USD @ 1.3309    SL:  1.3287               TP1: 1.3324     TP2: 1.3339     TP3: 1.3354

PENDING ORDER SELL  GBP/USD @ 1.3281   SL:  1.3303               TP1: 1.3266     TP2: 1.3251     TP3: 1.3236

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