We trade mainly on M5 timeframe, EUR/USD ,GBP/USD,USD/CAD and USD/CHF currencies. Send Live Forex Signals Alerts 07:30 AM – London time . All signals are set on PENDING uses modern methods to provide forex signals and alerts to all the members regardless of whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced traders.

Pullback Forex Strategy

The forex pullback trading strategy provides a very powerful solution for those who wants to trade low risk to reward breakouts from all types of chart patterns and trend lines. It can be used on all currency pairs and timeframe’s.Recommended:EURUSD.GBPUSD,Time Frame M15

Fibonacci Pivot Trade

Fibonacci Pivot Trades combine Fibonacci retracements and extensions with daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly pivots.Fibonacci retracements can be traded either as a breakout opportunity or as a retracement bounce. Both methods have clear cut locations for the stop loss placement similar to most support/resistance trading methods. Fibonacci levels can also be used as profit targets for existing open trades.

London Hammer Trade

Simply put, the London Hammer Trade is named after the London market and it completely relates to the period of volatility that usually follows the market’s opening. As the London market sets the benchmark for international prices in these metals, it is the place to go for buying and selling when it comes to gold on the Forex

Trend Trading

The basis of this trading is that price historically often moves in a trend. There are only 3 basic movements in forex market: Uptrend, downtrend, and sideways. Trend traders take advantage when price is moving up or down, but suffers when price stagnates or consolidates.

Divergence Trading

Divergence Trading is both a concept and a trading strategy that is found in almost all markets. It is an age old concept that was developed byCharles Dow and mentioned in his Dow Tenets.Divergence traders rely heavily on the use of indicators as their main decision to enter and exit a trade.

Trading Candlestick Patterns with Moving Averages

Candlestick patterns have little value without the right trend context. Hence, a popular trading setup uses candlestick patterns with a moving average. The moving average provides a simple way to find the trend context.

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We use the same strategy for trading 7 years.

ABC breakouts, Trendlines breakouts, Supply & Demand, customized Elliot Wave are give best results for the 4 currency pairs. Before trading on real accounts, we have tested this startegy 2 years on demo account.

Take Profit +45 pips

Always trade on M5 time frame. Average SL for our signals is 15- 25 pips, the maximum TP is 45 pips. Earlier we had TP 60 pips, but due to our users, we feel that the TP 45 much safer.


For our Forex Strategy believe that these currency pairs the best for trading. They give the best results.


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