EURUSD: Expect a further fall in prices to 1.1369

PENDING ORDER BUY EUR/USD @ 1. 1424 SL: 1. 1404 TP1: 1.1439 TP2: 1.1454
PENDING ORDER SELL EUR/USD @ 1.1399 SL: 1.1418 TP1: 1.1384 TP2: 1.1369

The price reached a level of 1. 1399
We expect a further fall in prices to the level of 1.1369
SL. setup on the price of 1.1418
Otherwise, if you have the EURUSD trend for BUY, PENDING ORDER set the price of 1.1424 with SL. 1.1404 and first TP with price 1.1439

Rose Alice

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Rose Alice has a long experience as a currency analyst with a deep knowledge of the relationship between macroeconomics and currencies fluctuation.