EUR/USD Daily Analysis,February 26-2019

From a specialized viewpoint, the 1.1370  agrees with 50-day EMA and should keep on going about as a prompt solid obstacle. On a continued move past the said boundary, the pair appears to be good to go to outperform the 1.1410 handle and point towards testing its next significant obstacle close mid-1.1410s, denoting an almost five-month-old dropping pattern line. On the other side, bearish brokers are probably going to sit tight for a persuading break beneath the 1.1310 handle before situating for any further deteriorating move towards 1.1255  halfway help in transit multi-month lows, around the 1.1211 area.

The US Dollar hung on edge toward the beginning of another exchanging week and added to a week ago’s unobtrusive misfortunes on the back of the most recent positive thinking over US-China exchange relations. The US President Donald Trump’s tweeted on Sunday and said that he will stretch out a due date to heighten levies on Chinese imports. The remarks helped financial specialists’ craving for more dangerous resources and hosed the greenback’s apparent relative place of refuge request. Wide based USD shortcoming helped the EUR/USD pair to recapture some positive footing on Monday, but the up-move stayed topped close to the 1.1360 . Developing worries of a sharp monetary lull in the Euro-zone neglected to loan any help to the mutual money and ended up being one of the key variables keeping a top on any out of control rally for the major.

EUR/USD Daily Analysis,February 26-2019.

PENDING ORDER BUY  EUR/USD @ 1. 1363    SL:  1. 1343              TP1: 1.1378     TP2: 1.1393     TP3: 1.1408

PENDING ORDER SELL  EUR/USD @ 1.1338   SL:    1.1358             TP1: 1.1323     TP2: 1.1308     TP3: 1.1293


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