The image has turned negative for the pair, with Momentum tumbling down and the Relative Strength Index dipping under 50 however staying over 30, accordingly not indicating oversold conditions. Furthermore, the pair slipped beneath both the 50 and 200 Simple Moving Averages.

Backing anticipates at 1.1230, the swing low that was seen a week ago. 1.1210 was a difficult help line toward the beginning of April and 1.1175 is the trough this year. 1.1110 pursues and goes back to 2017.

1.1280 was the base of the range before the drop. 1.1330 was a twofold top this week and the highest point of the range. 1.1350 and 1.1380 are straightaway.

EUR/USD Forex Daily Analysis for April 19

PENDING ORDER SELL  EUR/USD @ 1.1290    SL:    1.1303            TP1: 1.1275     TP2: 1.1260     TP3: 1.1245

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